We created this conference site to keep your informed, engaged and excited about the upcoming 2011 Region 2 Conference in Charlottesville, VA.  During the course of the blog, we'll be discussing the planning of the conference, highlighting some sessions and introducing you to some of the technology that will be used before and during the conference to provide you with a more rich and rewarding experience.  Below is a review of the various parts of the blog as well as the features we'll be implementing in the future.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a comment or connect with any member of the conference committee.

How to stay up-to-date

This blog will only be useful if you stay up-to-date with what’s happening on it.  Don’t worry; you won’t have to check it every day (but we won’t argue if you do).  Instead, we’ve provided two options to keep you informed.
  1. E-mail subscription—enter your e-mail address in the blog and click the subscribe button.  Easy as that.  A freshly printed e-mail will be delivered to your inbox daily if the blog is updated.
  2. RSS feed—RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a great way to keep up-to-date with a variety of topics including this blog.  RSS works as an aggregator, bringing all of the updated information to you as soon as it posts (versus you going to it).  We’ll post more about this later.

Blog categories

This is where you’ll find the “themes” of the various blog posts.  Want to read everything we post about Charlottesville, then look under the “Uniquely Charlottesville” link.

  1. Tuesday Tech Talk—each Tuesday we plan to highlight or further explain various technologies that will be used before and/or during the Region 2 conference.  Our hope is through the use of these technologies, you will have a more rewarding conference experience.  We’ll break each technology down and walk you through how you might consider using it.
  2. Uniquely Charlottesville—Charlottesville is a great location for our Region 2 conference, but you just won’t have to take our word for it.  Each week we’ll be highlighting one thing to do during your visit to Charlottesville.
  3. Under the Lens: Sessions—Don’t you wish you could learn more about a session before you go than what’s just in the abstract? We do too so each week we’ll be selecting a session at random to profile.  We’ll talk with the presenters and answer your questions while highlighting another great reason to attend the region conference.
  4. A New Perspective—Wish you had someone’s thoughts and reflections on their preparation for the conference and experiences during it besides the conference committee.  Well the wait is over.  Look for more information on this in the near future.
  5. Notes from the Committee—Notes and posts from people on the conference committee.

Other blogs in Region 2

Want to see what others in our region are up to?  Here we’ll post links to other blogs from members of the Region 2 community.  We encourage you to check them—your colleagues are doing some great things. 

Have a blog but don’t see it listed?  Let us know at nacadaregion2+myblog@gmail.com.

2011 Conference Committee


Art Esposito
Conference Co-Chair
Virginia Commonwealth University
"Social Media is my "Nerd Real Estate!" Let's "Tech the Heck" outta this conference!"
Connect with Art:

Jameela Anderson
Conference Co-Chair
Marymount University
"I am excited to reconnect with old friends and meet new friends at R2 2011 Conference"
Connect with Jameela:

Stephanie Serven
Registration Chair
Marymount University
"Looking forward to meeting you and descending upon Charlottesville!"
Connect with Stephanie:

Edna Renee Macbeth
Hospitality Co-Chair
Virginia Commonwealth University
"I love C-ville! Can't wait to share it with you."
Connect with Edna:

Melinda J. Anderson
Hospitality Co-Chair
The College of William and Mary
"I am excited about welcoming everyone to Charlottesville. See you in April!"
Connect with Melinda:

Ashlyn Howell
Program Design and Proposals Chair
Virginia Commonwealth University
"I look forward to meeting you all soon!"
Connect with Ashlyn:

Allen Taylor
Technology Co-Chair
West Chester University
"Being new to Region 2, I'm excited to meet my new advising colleagues!"
Connect with Allen:

Calley Stevens Taylor
Technology Co-Chair
Reading Area Community College
"Looking forward to 3 days of getting to know you!"
Connect with Calley:

Patricia Lann Talley
Exhibitors/Vendors/Ads Co-Chair Co-Chair
Tidewater Community College, Norfolk Campus
"The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see." – Churchill
Connect with Patricia:

Wendy Cook
Exhibitors/Vendors/Ads Co-Chair Co-Chair
Tidewater Community College
"I’m excited to attend another NACADA conference. GO Region 2!"
Connect with Wendy:

Sherese N. Parker
Volunteers and Evaluations Chair
Norfolk State University
"I am excited to be serving in a capacity that engages others in being involved!"
Connect with Sherese:

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