Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Calling all blogs!

Hi Region 2! So far, you've only heard from Allen, my tech co-chair, but soon you'll be hearing a lot from me too. Let's get to know each other by sharing our blogs. You may have noticed the Region 2 Blogs section of the left side menu. We've started by posting the two advising-oriented blogs we've found in Region 2, but I know there must be more out there! So here's my challenge for you: if you have, or know of, a blog in Region 2 that addresses advising, academic support, and other relevent topics, email the link to and we'll add it to the list. It's OK if the bloggers aren't active in NACADA (maybe this will get them interested) and we want them all, whether they're designed to connect with students, other advisors, or both.  

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