Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calling all Region 2 Members (and beyond!) -- A Message From The Region Chair

I am really excited about this year’s Region 2 Conference in Charlottesville! Besides being able to enjoy Charlottesville when all the trees are budding, it’s just a wonderful opportunity to meet together with colleagues who all have the same mission in mind---professional development! The conference chairs, Art Esposito and Jameela Anderson, have a super conference committee which has seen to every detail of the hotel, the food, wonderful concurrent sessions, and plenty of opportunities for networking and fun. You won’t want to miss this conference “Looking Back to Move Forward” as we explore our roots and plan for the future.

Check out the many opportunities in our preconference lineup! With our scheduling it’s possible that you may find two of your choice! There really is a wide array of topics that will be explored in-depth in workshop format.

There is a special emphasis this year on technology of all types. Art Esposito is leading the charge, beginning with a preconference workshop on technology applications of all kinds and how you can understand and use these applications on your campus. There will be follow-up throughout the conference, so we hope you’ll be a part of this exciting design of our conference. Another highlight is for graduate students looking to transition from student to first-year advisor. The follow-up and discussion for this group of attendees will indeed be so valuable!

Besides the preconference workshops, we’ll have the conference sessions up soon, and announce our keynote! Be prepared for this conference to ROCK!

Let me encourage you to pre-register for the conference now to secure the early bird rate.  It’s simple to begin the registration process online. There are plenty of good reasons listed on that website to convince your boss to let you come! Hotel rooms are a bargain at $119 a night for double accommodations. You must book through the hotel website in order for our region to get credit for your room, and it is indeed the best price—so get the details online. If booking online, make sure you use NAC as the convention code. Or just call the hotel directly at 1-(434)-973-2121 and mention the NACADA Region 2 Conference to get the $119 rate. Do this by March 11 to secure your room. It’s important for our planning to be hearing from you now! It always makes conference chairs nervous when people procrastinate!

Region 2 has had a special emphasis this year on bringing new faculty members to NACADA. We were able to award 25 complimentary one-year memberships for faculty advisors this year. Take a moment and encourage faculty members at your institution to consider attending a conference. It can be such a rewarding experience for them to be a part of our association. I always get outstanding feedback from faculty when they attend. For them, it is a nice change to attend a conference outside of their discipline. We are such a nurturing, friendly environment! Plus we have our own philosophy and theory of advising. Share a copy of your latest NACADA journal with a faculty member you know!

Hope to see you in Charlottesville, April 6-8! We’ll have a great time together. We’ll share meals, have a wonderful hospitality room (with entertainment!) and look back as we anticipate the future of advising together.


Paula Dollarhide
Region 2 Chair

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