Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A couple of quick updates

We're so excited about the upcoming conference which Jameela (one of the conference co-chairs) reminded me was only 14 days away. I can't believe I'll soon be networking with over 300 of my new Region 2 colleagues. I'm sure to learn a lot. We hope you've enjoyed reading this blog as much as we've enjoyed producing it for you and the best is yet to come. We're averaging about 150 readers each work day (yay!) and believe it or not, our blog is global with readers from South Korea, Russia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Kenya and Canada.

Just a few quick updates today as we countdown to the conference.

Blog updates

If you haven't explored the blog in a while, I invite you take another look. The conference schedule as well as information about all of the presentations (including abstracts) is available under "The Conference" heading. As I'm sure you're aware, everyone was so excited about the conference that the Doubletree Charlottesville is completely full. We've put information about the alternate hotel sites under the "Getting There" heading. Melinda and Edna Renee have done an excellent job of introducing you to Charlottesville highlights. They've even come up with a few extended stay opportunities under the "On Location: Charlottesville" heading. Also, under that same heading, Art found this great interactive map of Charlottesville that lists shops and restaurants in the area.

Volunteers still needed

Sherese is still in need of volunteers and she knows that there are "...a plethora of individuals that would love to volunteer their time, talents and treasured expertise because you have emailed me personally." Volunteering is a great way to give back to the region. Also, in my experience, I've always met a number of people volunteering that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise at the conference and have really enjoyed this chance to see what others are up to. So, if you'd like to volunteer, just take a few minutes to complete this online form. Don't worry about your info; what goes into the conference blog stays in the conference blog. =0)

State baskets

We're still on the look-out for great stuff to put in our state baskets which are raffled off during the conference. I think we should get a little friendly competition going between the states to see who can produce the largest/best gift basket from donated items. This is all about bragging rights, isn't it? Personally, I hope Pennsylvania's is so large, it has to be carried by two people (not that I have bias or anything =0). If you can bring something to help your state's basket be the best, please do. We'll be accepting donations at the check-in table.

I think that's it. As always, if you have questions about the conference, leave us a comment on the blog or e-mail us at

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