Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And the train has left the station

New Professionals Pre-Con
At 11:00 AM sharp this morning, the conference was officially open for business and attendees began to check in. As I told some members of the conference committee, this is it; the train has officially left the station and now we just have to hope for smooth ride. Well, so far, so good. Folks checked in and attended their pre-conference sessions or settled into their rooms. Old friends reconnected in the halls and people caught up on all of the region news. And happily I get to report that there were no major mishaps. The train's journey has been smooth and everyone seemed to be having a great time at the opening reception this evening. Hopefully, C-ville didn't mind over 300 of us descending on the Downtown Mall for dinner this evening (or the next).

Hospitality Table
Technology Pre-Con

Well, just a couple of pics from today's events (we hope to get more up tomorrow) and then it's off to bed.  Apparently, to keep the train running smoothly, the conference committee has to be up bright and early.  I hope everyone who is unable to attend will keep up with the live stream tomorrow and maybe join us on Twitter for some backchannel chat.

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