Friday, April 1, 2011

An exhibitor sneak peak

As your Region 2 Conference Co-chairs for Exhibitors, Vendors, and Ads, we've been working this semester to recruit Higher Education businesses and organizations to bring their services to Region 2 members in Charlottesville. We've enjoyed collaborating with our committee members to make this a great Region 2 Conference!

We are happy to welcome are the following organizations' exhibitors which will represented on April 6th in Charlottesville!

See you next week!
Wendy & Patty


GradesFirst’s Student Support System combines early alert, advising, and tutor management into an exclusively web-based solution. Our Enterprise version allows every campus advising and tutoring center to collaborate and produce campus-wide results. The system centralizes student documentation, provides online appointment scheduling, integrates tutor management, and automates communication with students via text and email messaging. Your increased efficiency allows you to maximize time spent with students., an integrated online resource for student and advisors, identifies the courses needed to meet students’ personal academic goals, including degree requirements, course descriptions, and prerequisites, and semester and campus offerings. Our online tool provides for self-authorship and student centered learning during pivotal schedule planning. Improve the display of Banner information!

School Specialty Planning & Student Development

School Specialty Planning & Student Development offers a fresh approach to Student Success courses by integrating course content with year-long planning. Our textbooks provide students with relevant content, campus information and personalized planning all in one tool. We also produce the widest selection of planners in the market, to meet your students' needs, your school's priorities and design preferences. Created with the commitment to quality featuring the richest educational content & superior layouts with maximum writing space to support student planning.

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