Monday, April 11, 2011


I've always said of staff and advisors that the difficulty is that our work is least noticeable when it's being done well. When we're serving our students and faculty, the campus hums quietly. Excellent work is generally quiet and often hard to see, but when it's absent, it's apparent.

In much the same way, I have to applaud the efforts of the Region 2 Conference Committee. From the outside, I have to say that the conference ran incredibly smoothly and was a tremendous success. Hopefully those on the inside feel that it was a success, but I'm sure they have no illusions about smooth sailing. BUT, their hard work was so well done that the seams and the bumps and the crazy moments (for I'm sure they were there as with any large event) were not evident.

On behalf of those of us who got to use the conference to refresh and recharge, I offer thanks to the Conference Committee. Their hard work and long hours provided the foundation for the rest of us to use the time to be introspective about our processes, and to share our challenges and successes with the larger Region 2 advising community. And I, for one, was grateful for the opportunity!

For those of you who followed my novice blogging efforts, thanks for sharing the journey. I've enjoyed it. Hope to see you in Denver or Annapolis, MD!

Julie Traxler
Rutgers University


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Julie. I'm sure the conference planning committee joins me in getting all schmoopy over the fact that so many of you felt this way.

  2. I have to agree Julie, they did a wonderful job and I enjoyed this conference immensely. I only heard positive comments when I was there and I'm excited about all the first-time NACADA conference goers that were there, I'm sure we will be seeing them in future years!

  3. Awww...Julie, thanks. We're happy that so many of our colleagues and friends had an enjoyable experience (and of course, that no one fell in the pool passing between the rooms on the bottom floor ;0) Also, based upon the positive feedback, it seems many made use of the blog. Thanks to you for being a part of that.

  4. Allen - I had a great time with the blog - thanks for all your help. And I, too, remain amazed that there were no accidental or intentional pool mishaps!